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Maggies farm

Our Farm is located in Cornville just a few miles from the Café! We specialize in raising poultry, root vegetables, herbs, fresh greens and other seasonal delights. Our Chickens and Ducks are pasture raised where they spend their days foraging for bugs, taking dirt baths, swimming in the pond and coming and going to their nesting boxes where they lay fresh eggs. We also feed them all the quality scraps from the Café which gives them a varied and healthy diet while also cutting down on waste. We use their droppings for fertilizer creating sustainability for our business. Our Green House gives us access to fresh fruits and vegetables year round and we have worked the soil for years to create a healthy fertile grow
space. We practice low water use and water catchment along with gray water systems to keep our environmental impact low, we continue to try to learn how to grow food consistent utilizing smart
drought tolerant techniques. COMING SOON – we will be offering farm tours along with farm to table dinners right at the farm! We will be able to offer lodging along with an interactive tour of the farm, classes on collecting, cleaning and cooking farm fresh ingredients – and an opportunity to eat an intimate meal with the chef and your friends and family.



Coming Soon!

Glamorous Tent
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