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Bryan Nowicki — Chef and Founder of Farm A Go Go

An Arizona native who started working in kitchens at the age of 14. He won a state culinary competition at age 17 and was awarded a scholarship to CSI culinary school. Over the next 20 years he moved on to Portland OR and Las Vegas NV where he continued work in a variety of culinary concepts. During this time Chef Bryan learned new techniques which would strengthen his craft while also having the opportunity to work for chefs such as Jacques Pepin, Thomas Keller and other culinary professionals arguably just as talented. He then went on to start a non profit culinary program in Prescott AZ Coalition of Compassion and Justice (CCJ) where he won a Presidential Award for CCJs successful community impact.


He trained people who were struggling with homelessness and/or various disabilities, basic skills in the kitchen. Participants who completed the course had a valid food handlers card and real
experience working in CCJS soup kitchen and were now able to seek employment in the culinary field.


In the years following he opened his own restaurant in Prescott and took on management positions building new culinary concepts in fast paced established businesses. He now lives in Cornville where his home, farm, food truck and Cafe is located. Bryans true passion is to create food from scratch so he can control the entire process and deliver a quality final product.


People often say Bryans style of cooking allows them to re discover taste profiles in some of their favorite dishes. He and his wife Lema run Farm A Go Go together and have worked hard to create a dream of an establishment that could be both elegant and casual to serve food and beverages to all those in the pursuit of eating well.

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